Half Rabbit Design Inc. was founded in spring of 2003 offering full-service graphic design and branding. Niki Digrigorio brings 20 years studio, ad agency and corporate experience from working with companies that include CMB Design Partners Inc., Magma Creative Inc., CalPERS and Dana Foran Advertising. Half Rabbit Design Inc. specializes in publications, direct mail and branding. Clients include the city of Riverside, the California Department of Public Health, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Consolidated Communications, Inc., Charlie Boxer Dog Boxer Company, New Helvetia Brewing Company, and the California State Fair. For more information, email

half rabbit design inc. 
organized chaos with sprinkles on top.


I create clean, beautiful layouts all day long. I love taking stacks of information as text, chart, photo or illustration and organizing it into a creative and effective piece that speaks to its audience. “Hello! I’m important. Look at me! I’m pretty and interesting and if you read me, I might change your life.” Well…maybe not, but you get the idea. If not life-changing, my passion for design may at least make you smile. I have worked in the design industry for over 20 years, utilizing my wide-ranging skills in graphic design, creative direction, copy writing, and general chaos organization to create logos and collateral, publications and catalogs, web site designs, and even a short film and half a dozen or so commercial videos.

I earned my degree from California State University, Sacramento and live in the beautifully fuzzy place between the two-dimensional and Sacramento, California. I am obsessed with typography, paper and a good story. I find inspiration in print design, printed paper, paper tape, book covers (yes, I judge books by their covers), the feel and smell of paper, and paper-related art supplies. My enthusiasm for the simple and pretty has developed into a career where quality meets creativity and they live happily ever after.